A Dark Beginning

The old stone room was washed in the deep orange hues of fire stoked within hearth. The flames painting long shadows on the walls of the single high-backed chair and chair-side table. The room itself devoid of other comforts, it’s only decoration a crude crucifix hung over the hearth. The only entry or egress from room a dark hallway to which a heavy oak door could bar access were it swung closed.

Sat upon the plush high-backed chair an aging man sat, his features long and pale. His dress of the finer sorts, cross draped around neck and worn atop his vestments. Like a wealth priest up well past the midnight hour, contemplating the works of god as he sipped upon his nightly wine. Yet, his countenance betrayed no kindness or depth of thought, only irritation and the perpetual scowl one might find upon the most displeased parent. Perhaps even more disturbing, the red wine that he swirled in glass coated much too thickly, the red coating like a thick syrup washed over fine crystal.

Finally his scowl slipped from features, something of a forced sigh escaping lips as the shadows of dark hallway gave way to the small form of a girl. The lithe creature perhaps just past wedding age quietly entering with head held low, her dress a black floor length work of finery that covered from high upon neck to sweeping along the floor obscuring all but her soft pale face.

The young woman seemed to glide across the old stone floor, slipping from door way and around the chair to carefully curtsey before the gaunt priest. A simple nod of his brow drawing her to step closer and kneel before him, hand careful to gently ease skirting of fine dress about her in a pool of blackness as only silence passed between the two. Her eyes always upon the cross that hung from his neck, never daring to look any higher.

“It is good that you could make such a prompt allowance of time for me, my child” the gaunt man chided before letting the silence once more take hold before leaning forward in his seat, “I summoned you here, because I have a task for you. I require a debt repaid and I extend you the opportunity to repay that debt.”

The gaunt man paused, looking over the frail looking girl, his expression still one of displeasure, “You will travel to the Castle District of Buda-Pest on the tenth hour of the evening of the fifteenth day of April the Year of Our Lord 1198. There I shall see you introduced to an ally of mine whom will become your patron in this affair. Should you preform adequately in the task asked of you, you might yet earn your way back into the light of my graces. Should you fail me…”

He let the silence once more grip the air, leaning back and snatching up glass before sipping at its contents. “Well, you will not fail me less you be cast further from my graces, further from your last chance back into the graces of our Heavenly Lord.” A, perhaps, cruel little glint taking his eyes and lips.

“Now, when we are concluded here, you will make your own travel arrangements for I have other tasks that must be seen to in the interim. I trust that you will arrive in Buda-Pest for our meeting on time and present yourself properly so you might reflect well upon me.” The pale man added, leaving the air to another long pause.

Finally he set his drink aside once more and began to produce an elegant set of rosary beads from the sleeve of his fine robes . The fine beads interlinked with sharp metal star shaped bits giving it a dangerous beauty. A slow methodical process of trailing thumb and forefinger over each bead and each link as the silver cross at the end slowly lowered into the view of the girl. It’s sight drawing out an accepted sinking of shoulders and a delicate turn of lithe form to bare the back of dress and it’s laces.

The quiet acceptance of what was to come drawing, for the first time, a truly pleased expression to the gaunt man, “Very good, my child. Accept your penance for tardiness with grace and perhaps one day we may both find God’s grace once more. Then you may retire and prepare for the journey that lies ahead.”


Transylvania Chronicles is a dark and terrible setting where the monsters of the night wage war against each other for power and rule. The main theme is one of horror and the struggle to survive in the cursed lands of Romania as some of the most pivotal events in vampire history unfold. There will be harsh travels, grueling fights, hard bargains, and many horrors that will come to pass. Yet, with each other, a small coterie of Cain’s children just might survive to see the final night. Won’t you stay for a while and watch as the story unfolds?

Transylvania Chronicles

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