Transylvania Chronicles

Nordskops Farewell to a friend.

When Nordskop was traveling with his coterie Ulfe was left in charge of the Intent of Malice and her crew (and raiding) while he was gone. Ulfe would try and get Nordskop to at least take a couple of the crew with him, to which Nordskop always replied " I go to travel with two devout Christian warriors, one of which is pious to the extreme, they would merely stir up trouble with Tabious and Samael, besides they are capable warriors and can handle anything I would need crew members for, also I am no slouch with a sword, all will be fine you worry to much my friend."

The last time Nordskop left the ship he left a letter with Ulfe, and the instructions not to open it unless he didn’t return with in 3 month. In it was his last will and testament.

He left the Intent of Malice and crew to Ulfe along with any personal wealth he had amassed. His library was to be made accessible to Kay and the coterie. The Tablets, he and Dante absconded with from the Templars, would be returned to the coterie with any findings he had made over the last few hundred years about them. The Intent of Malice and her crew would always be available to his coterie should they need it for travel. The last thing in the letter was a request that Ulfe travel in his stead with his coterie, lending them any assistance that he may be it his fighting prowess or his wisdom.

After Nordskop didn’t return to the ship with in the allotted time Ulfe opened the letter. Besides the last will and testament there was a message for Ulfe and the one for the crew.

“My dearest and closest friend, if you are reading this then my sire has finally succeeded in his ultimate goal, getting rid of one of his embarrassments in this world. I want to thank you for the protection, camaraderie, friendship, and wise council all these years. I have grown weary of the chase and the pain and suffering I have caused one of my greatest and most trusted friends. I have decided that I will no longer run from the wolves that have hounded us these past centuries. If they catch up with me then so be it, I will give as good as I can and they will feel my blade with my last breath. I will face down the enemy as a warrior and make you proud to have followed me all these years. I ask that you not pursue the wolves, you have suffered enough injuries and pain on my behalf from them (I know, this is probably the one request you won’t comply with). Know that I am finally free to move on to what awaits me in the afterlife be it Valhalla or Hel. Stay well and let my coterie know that I may not have agreed with them in beliefs or with some of the actions taken but they were always apart of my heart.”

A meeting to follow the meeting.


A large bestial man stepped out into the chill night air, behind him a maze of dark tunnels that carried him from meeting not long past. His gleaming red eyes taking in the area with caution, a hand still holding heavy wooden door that served as entrance to the underground labyrinth of tunnels. Only after many long minutes did he turn his attention back to the tunnel, a large hand ushering to the darkness of tunnel. “Tis safe enough ta meet ere”

The very shadows, themselves seeming to stir to his words. A pouring of blackness spilling out from the dark tunnel and pooling in the alleyway before slowly rising, slowly congealing into a small humanoid shape that then in turn faded into the realness of a small woman. A slender youth in formal black dress that covered from the very bottom of jawline to sweep the very ground she passed over, only the porcelain skin of her hands and face gleaming in the pale moon light. A soft face poised in passive stare framed in thick waves of ebony of well-kept hair turned and awaiting the large man’s acknowledgement.

“I assume ye overheard the meeting back there?” the red eyed man began without pausing for formalities.

The young woman simply nodded, “Of course, as our Patron requested.”

The bestial man looked before beginning to pace in the alley, door pushed shut in mid stride. “And yer thoughts?”

This time the girl gave pause to his words, that ghost of a face tilting as hands slip to fold behind her back. “I believe they have a chance to sufficiently serve our Patron’s needs. However, I find them lacking at best, and at worst foolish blowhards destined to lose their nose for their pride.”

To that the feral man paused to let a deep laugh escape, his head shaking. “Eh? Foolish I’ll give you, perhaps you’re a touch harsh on them?”

“I disagree, with respect of course” she began, “If you see past the fact that they almost lead an uninvited guest to you arrangement, then one must contend with that of their acceptance of hospitality. They drank as if what was offered might be poisoned or in ill taste, they should count themselves lucky that you are not more easily offended by their borderline refusal of hospitality.”

Again the larger man let a chuckle escape, “Aye, well they aren’t quite fit fer royalty yet, still they seemed… acceptable”

The woman gave a deep nod, “Acceptable I can perhaps agree on, Master Tiberiu. However, it would seem they are setting themselves up to fail and at the same time insulting our Patron. They refusal of the offered funds and assistance speaks deeply of bravado that will most likely lead to their failure, add to that the insult it whispers.”

“An insult is it?” the gruff man retorted.

“If you gave me the advice that I should take a scout into the woods and I were to not do so, I would effectively be saying without words that your advice is wrong. Here our Patron saw fit to offer funds and resource because he knew the difficulty of the job, and they have effectively questioned the wisdom and judgment of our Patron. If they had taken it, at worst they’d have the resources needed and at best they could return the resources and show added skill upon completion. As it stands now, I will defer to the judgment of our benefactor and hope that their bravado is more than just words and intents.”

For the first time the restless Gangrel paused in his pacing, a heavy nod given. “I see yer point, but it might be doomed all the same. Tha pass isn’t an easy spot, much less when ya got ta build fortifications, and much less when there’ll be others out there looking to claim it fer themselves.”

“Let us hope that their fortune stays favorable, and that they at least manage to keep the pass safe.” replied the woman, “As requested, I will observe their progress and report regularly to our patron in hopes of doing my sire proud and repaying the debt owed, Master Tiberiu. Are there any further instruction to my service?”

The large man faulted once more in his pacing, turning to the woman and considering before letting a gruff reply slip. “Eh, just be careful, I hear Mitru is none too happy with Radu’s request an he’s not one to stand idle. Also, there be a rumor that the Eastern Lords got their knickers in a bunch over it all as well, so keep your head down an… well do what ye do. Ye survive your Sire’s service, not sure there’s much he hasn’t prepared you for.”

The porcelain woman gave a graceful curtsy , “Thank you for your concern and caution, Master Tiberiu.”

Without another word the red eyed man waited, the woman once more dissolving into the darkness she had arisen from. The shadows running like water back into the dark corners of the alley until the man was left alone. Only then did he turn and make his own exit, leaving the alley peacefully vacant under the chilly night.


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