Crusader, Angel of Death




1. Why will your character stay with the coterie? What will drive them to align themselves to the coterie for years to come?
a. I want to see all those that betrayed Saulot destroyed. I do not blame the Tremere for what they did, it was in their nature, but I do not love them for it. It is the Baali and the other infernalists who led the Tremere to Saulot’s resting place that must pay. It is the Baali and the other infernalists who killed my Sire, and my Grandsire, that must pay. I know I cannot do it alone, I must find allies.
b. My Sire was part of a coterie, indeed it was one of that coterie that took me in after my Sire died. The stories that my Sire told; the stories my mentor tells; these make me long for that connection. I want to know what it is like to feel safe because someone has my back. I want to know the thrill saving another kindred when there is nothing to be gained for myself. My Sire’s coterie is lost, but I will find my own.
2. Why will your character want to expand their holdings and undertake the tasks demanded of them by their Sires?
a. My Grandsire and my Sire both owned land and castle that were destroyed. Someday I will reclaim what is mine. As for undertaking required tasks? There is no demand needed. All Gregori must do is let me know that something needs done. Although I do not feel the same connection to Gregori that my Sire must have, honor demands that I do my best to fill his place and respect the coterie bond that was.
3. Where was your character born?
a. I was born with the name Samuel in Prague to a minor noble who was a staunch supporter of the church.
4. Where does your character currently hail from? Where do they reside with their Sire?
a. Gregori has a small keep not far from the Obertus Monasteries. I split my time between the monastery and the keep.
5. What is your characters outlook on being one of the undead and what are his/her aspirations?
a. I am cursed. But I do not bear the curse as others do. I chose this for myself. My Sire saw something in me that made him offer eternal life in this world. If there is to be any peace in this world or the next, there must be those willing to risk all to bring it about. I will survive, I will be there in the final nights when Cain and the other Antediluvians awaken. What cannot be protected must be avenged.
6. Who is your Sire?
a. I met my sire on the way to Jerusalem. When he introduced himself as Michail, I said “After the Archangel?”. The smile on his lips did not make sense until later. Michail was a knight from his head to his toes. I fell in with his band and we traveled only at night. Michail and his friend Gregori said that they had given an oath before leaving to never see the light of the sun again until it was able to shine once more on a Jerusalem free of Islam.
7. What is the Nature and Demeanor of your Sire?
a. Ever the Knight of Valor, most only see the Judge that my both my sire and my mentor seem to be. Mirrored sides of the same coin, I know that deep down, they are Defenders of those that cannot defend themselves.
8. Why did your Sire give you the gift of Immortal Life?
a. Kindred spirit, no pun intended. As I said, I met him on the crusade. I did not find out till later that the band of knights I fell in with contained not only my Sire and his coterie, but my Grand Sire Gabriel, as well as another of his childe, Nuriel, and his coterie as well. There were 7 of us that were taken in to this band. Mortals taken under wing to teach, train, and test. Even then, I could see the bonds that held the more experienced members fast together. Of the seven mortals in the group, I was the last to join, and the last to fall, I was the only one that never faltered, never wavered. Whether through determination, stubbornness, or just blind luck, I survived every battle, slew every foe. As I stood atop the walls of Jerusalem on that final night, I raised my sword, crying out in triumph. Triumph turned to misery as I took an arrow to the heart from one of the fleeing Saracens hoping to impart one final death as he fled into the night. To this day I can scarcely believe what happened next. Gregori leapt from the top of the wall over forty feet to the ground and put forth a burst of speed that no mortal man could hope to match. I did not understand, but at least I lived long enough to see my killer slain as Gregori reached out and literally ripped the heart from the Saracens chest. Michail knelt over me and smiled, suddenly looking every inch the Archangel whose name he bore. “You have done well. But at the last, you are undone not by the skill of your enemy but by your own overconfidence. The battle is not over while even one enemy remains on the field, even if he is in retreat.” Michail then laid his hand on the arrow piercing my heart and the pain subsided, but my breath was coming slower and slower. “You now face a choice; I can ease your passing from this life into the next, knowing that your place has been secured by your faith and service. Or I can give you the chance to learn from your mistake and continue in this world until the end of days, risking your very soul for the chance to serve as you have never been able to before. I offer you power that you cannot fathom, but beware, most cannot maintain their convictions when so tested and forfeit everything they have gained.” With failing breath, I said “I do not wish to die. If it is in your power to heal me, then let it be so. In return I will serve you faithfully as long as you require.” As my eyes closed for perhaps the last time, I heard his angelic voice say, “Very well, when next you awaken, you will be reborn. Always remember this moment, and know that it will never come again.” My last memory was the taste of blood in my mouth, at the same time colder than my own, but on fire with life and power.
9. Why has your Sire allowed your continued existence over the last 70 some odd years?
a. Alas, my Sire is dead. When we traveled together on the way back from the crusade, we stopped at the castle of my Grandsire to rest. To our horror, we found it overrun with demons and demon worshipers, the hated Baali. They may come from our blood, but they are twisted and vile. They fell upon us and though we slew them one after the other, there seemed a never ending tide of enemy. In the end, Gregori pulled my broken body from the pile, the sword that had pierced my back and my Sire’s heart as I had failed to protect him from the killing blow tearing through my flesh as he did. I do not know how Gregori was standing, his right leg was shattered, the left side of his body was badly burned from the fire that had broken out during the battle and his left arm was hanging limp, only tendons holding it in place. We escaped as the fire consumed the Castle, sealing the fate of the few foes that remained inside. Gregori assures me that none could have survived that inferno, but I swear I saw shadows slink off into the night. Over the years that I have lived with Gregori, it is obvious that the pain of losing a coterie does not go away. Sometimes I catch him looking at me as if he is seeing Michail and not me. There are times when he almost calls me by my Sires name when he is not looking directly at me. I know that I am a poor substitution for my Sire, but I honor his memory as best I can.
10. Why has your Sire chosen to allow you a great opportunity to grow your standing and power?
a. Gregori has been pushing me of late to start going out into the night more often. He has continued my training with the sword. He has taught me to control the beast and not to kill when I feed. He has taught me that the power that we possess comes with both price and responsibility. What he has not taught me, is what it is like to truly be Kindred. There are few visitors that travel to see Gregori. And while he always extends them hospitality, they are so different and foreign; they are no more comfortable within our walls than we are having them there. Gregori says that the day is fast approaching that I must go into the world and make my way among them, these other Kindred that do not live by the same honor I have grown accustomed to. Gregori thinks that the code of chivalry will serve me well. There must be others out there with honor, I must find them if I am ever to avenge my family.


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