Young Schizophrenic Malkavian Singer




Kay’s story starts far before she was born. There was a wandering minstrel, a bard named Elliot who had a young daughter named Ophelia. He had great talent with his music and stories and he caught the eye of a Toreador. She planned to turn him but her rival who was Malkavian heard of it and turned him first. The Toreador had that malkavian killed. Elliot took Ophelia and ran away. They lived apart from the world for several years while Ophelia was growing up. Somehow in this time Elliot came up with the mad idea that he was perfect and that if he could continue his bloodline he could create more perfect vampires. When Ophelia was a woman he found a good husband for her to marry. She had a son with that man and while she was pregnant with his second child their house caught fire. Elliot rescued Ophelia and the baby but was unwilling to risk his life for the human man. He took Ophelia and set her up with a place to live and told her that her son would remain human but he would be taking her second child when the babe came of age. Thus Kay was born. Ophelia raised her children to love music and to value the beauty in the world. As the children were growing up Elliot visited often to check on them but as they got older he visited less and less. When Kay was eleven Ophelia began to consider that Elliot would be coming to get her soon and she didn’t want that. So she took her children and ran away. She settled in another town and they lived peacefully for about two years. Kay made a friend in this town who’s name was Anna. Where Kay had dark brown hair and brown eyes Anna was fair haired with blue eyes. The two girls were best friends, nearly inseparable. When Elliot discovered that Ophelia had left he was furious. He hunted her down and eventually found them. When he saw her his anger overcame him and he fell into frenzy. As he charged Ophelia to attack her Anna happened to get in the way and was also killed. Kay’s brother managed to get her away and hide her as Elliot tore Ophelia to shreds. When he had finished he was able to regain control. He found the children and apologized for the bloody show. He then took Kay’s brother and set him up in another town with an apprenticeship to learn an honest trade. He then took Kay and began raising her. He found a handmaiden for her and trained her in singing and had her perform with him in his travels. He moves around a lot because he is paranoid that the Ventrue will catch on to him making a “perfect” vampire and they would take him out as a threat to their power. He plays it off as just being a wandering minstrel. Kay feels like she was ripped from her life and thrown into a world that she doesn’t understand, from the moment of her embrace it has been a blur of motion to the point where she is dizzy from the lack of stillness. She is desperate for a place to belong, something stable to kling to. The most stable thing she has in her life right now is her handmaiden who is her human servant. She sees Anna everywhere and though she knows she is dead she still talks to her and doesn’t quite comprehend that she is gone.


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