Steel Grey eyes, Redish Blonde hair, 7' tall 397 Lbs


Ulfe is a giant of a man standing 7 feet tall and weighing in at almost 400 pounds, he has steel grey eyes that seem to look into your very soul.

He carries a long sword, giant war axe, great sword , and a round shield (looks more like it is there to hold the weapons than for protection). He wears linked and scale armor covered with a bearskin and what appears to be giant wolf hides.

He speaks little, and dislikes crowds. He is quick to anger, but also forgiving if you survive the anger part.


Ulfe Jargarson

Ulfe was born in a village on the northern most Scandinavia (modern day Nordskap Norway) during turbulent times it was the height of the Viking culture. He grew up watching the merchants and warriors coming and going to sea on the Drakkar and Knorr to go a Viking or trading. When his dad was home he trained Ulfe in the ways of the sword, shield, axe, and bow. When he was away his mother taught him how to read ruins and omens along with weather signs and how to survive in the wilderness.

He was 12 when he went on his first raid with his mortal father Ulfehedin. He was consigned to the ship as the more experienced warriors made the initial push into what is modern day Amsterdam, the younger warriors on the ship including Ulfe were allowed to join the second wave when the fighting was less hectic to gain battlefield experience. From there they hit Norwich, Ipswich and Portsmouth on the British Isles and many more cities and towns throughout Europe and Asia minor.

With each season of raiding the young warriors were allowed to join in the fight earlier and earlier, until at approximately age 16 they were finally allowed to join the first wave. Ulfe showed great promise as a young warrior, he made his mother and father proud, he was skilled with all manner of close combat weapons and hand to hand combat. His father taught him to use the bow but Ulfe was not as adept with it as hand to hand and close quarters combat. They just knew he was going to make a great Jarl one day.

When Ulfe was about 28 years of age his entire world would change, for this is when he caught the attention of one of the Einherjar. Over the next two years Ulfe felt as though he was cursed with bad luck, for it seemed that he was beset upon by the very wilds themselves for when hunting for food in the north he was attacked by a bears, or a bear he could swear it was the same one, always after dark, and yet all the omens pointed to neither good nor bad luck just power and strife.

He got his answer as to whether it was the same bear or not on his 30th day of birth. After a celebration with his friends and family he decided to go to the springs near the village and relax just before dark. As he sat watching the sunset (unbeknownst to him the last time he would see the full glory of the sun) he closed his eyes contemplation. This is when what he thought was a bear attacked for the final time. The great beast hit him so hard he didn’t have a chance to call out, not that he would have, for help and with his weapons out of reach he did the only thing he could he grabbed the beast’s throat and squeezed for all he was worth. It was at this time he realized it wasn’t a bear that had ahold of him for bears don’t laugh. In his last breath he heard a voice say, “Welcome to the night young warrior, survive to the next full moon and we will meet again, unless you can track me down before in which case you will prove even worthier of my gift.” With that he faded from the light he felt his heart stopping and darkness over taking his very soul.

When he opened his eyes he expected to see Valhalla, instead he saw only stars and trees, then the hunger hit, a ravenous hunger he could not sate, he was out of his mind with it. He realized at that moment that he was not alone in his body there was something else in control a beast a manifestation of power but power without control, which all his life from child hood to adulthood he had been told was not power but destruction. As he fought to regain control of his mind and body he found what he needed to satiate this hunger, it was blood, he drained the herd of Tauter sheep. He silently chuckled to himself that his first meal as a beast of the night was sheep.

After he settled down from the frenzied state he woke up in he noticed he could smell, see and hear better than he could prior to dying and being reborn. He could still feel the other presence in his mind and body itching to take over. He knew that if he didn’t find the Einherjar that made him he most likely wouldn’t survive their next encounter. As he hunted the man down that had brought him into the night he recanted the tails, nay truths, he had heard about the Einherjar. As he hunted he learned to control his body and the beast dwelling with in.

Over the next eight months he sporadically found signs of the creature that created him. In the ninth month of his hunt he spotted a creature that was neither man nor bear. He recognized the scent to be the one of the creature that created him those many months ago. In his mind he knew he could not win the fight, but in his soul he knew he didn’t have a choice, he only hoped the man beast he saw would find worth in his fight and spare him the final death and train him in his new powers.

Ulfe fought bravely and without care of dying. Jarger saw he was in for a fight and, with the fierceness in his childe’s eyes, it was going to be a tough one at that. They fought for what seemed an eternity to Ulfe, when finally Jarger got the blow he was looking for in, Ulfe staggered back stars in his vision and legs that no longer obeyed his command, Jarger pounced he pinned Ulfe to the ground his maw on Ulfe’s neck and the only question he asked of Ulfe was, “Do you want to continue this existence or do you want to join our brothers in Valhalla.” Ulfe answered,” I only want to join the crew that is under my betters command, so that I might one day be as strong and skilled as he.” With this declaration Jarger stood and let out a howl/laugh. He helped Ulfe up and clapped him on the back and said welcome to my crew, now we just need a ship and more crew to go a Viking. Ulfe looked upon the man in disbelief. “You have no crew or ship?” Ulfe said staring. Jarger looked at the man before him and said, “Well I have you and that is a start, besides first things first, I am Jarger, and yes I know you are Ulfe of Andenes, I have watched you many years now and decided you were worthy of the gift of Odin. That is why you stand before me now. You are now my child, and you will be called Jargerson…..” Ulfe interrupted, “Now hold on a minute we are about to come to blows again, my name is Ulfe and will always be, it is the name my father and mother gave me and I will be keeping it, whether or not you like it.” Jarger looked at his new childe and laughed. “So be it you may tell others you are Ulfe Jargerson then, though I will think about whether I will call you Ulfe or not.”

Over the next month Jarger and Ulfe stayed in the wilderness, Jarger teaching Ulfe the ways of protean, animalism, and teaching him his lineage, training (aka, beating fortitude into him). Ulfe was introduced to Jarger’s coterie a couple of times over the years. He learned the hard way to mind his manners in front of them. Both Vincenzo a Ventrue and Andenson a Tzimisce didn’t take kindly to his snide remarks upon their first meetings.

One night when Ulfe awoke from his slumber Jarger was standing over him with a dire look on his face. Ulfe stood up and asked, “What troubles you sire?” Sire rolling awkwardly off his tongue, “I don’t recall ever seeing you this with such a dire look on your face, even when our first ship was sunk and we had to walk 20 miles on the sea floor to get back to shore.” Jarger looked down at Ulfe and told him, “Ulfe my childe, I have seen one of ours do the unthinkable.” Ulfe stood staring and waiting for his sire to continue, still with a sickening feeling that something terrible was about to happen. Jarger continued, “Andenson sired a childe, before you speak let me finish, he has done this out of sport, just to see if the lad would make it through the night. He is not a warrior and nay is he a good leader, he shows a little promise, but he should have been allowed more mortal life to determine that.” Ulfe, “And?” Jarger looked at his childe, “I have a great boon to ask of you, I would like it very much if you would become the traveling companion of Andenson’s childe, protect him like he is your brother. Make sure that he survives long enough to show Andenson the error he has made. Teach him in our ways, he was the son of the Jarl of Nordskot. He is a scholar and very learned in many things the ways of the warrior is not one of them. I think that Andenson took slight from the Jarl so he took his only son and embraced him. this favor I ask will put you on Andenson’s” Ulfe interrupts again, “If it will piss that old bastard off I will do it with pleasure.” Jarger looked at his childe curiosity, then he smiled, “Well then I guess it is settled, you need to get your belongings and switch ships, I have already told Andenson you would be joining his crew to learn different tactics for a time. So glad you decided to do this, you honor me to no end with the sacrifices you are willing to endure for me.” Ulfe stares in disbelief and his sire, “why do I have a feeling I was just tricked into something?” “Because you were, have fun and don’t get yourself killed, you are my favorite childe after all.” Jarger said as he turned and walked into the darkness.

Jarger was waiting on the shore as Ulfe gathered his gear and prepared to depart with one of his least favorite individuals. Jarger only said 5 words as Ulfe walked past, “like he is your brother.” For a couple of years Ulfe sailed and raided as one of Andenson’s crew watching over Nordskop and making sure for the most part he stayed out of harm’s way.


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