Dark Tides Rising Act I

After briefly meeting upon few occasions in the past a group of young cainites are summoned to Buda-pest at the request of their sires. There in the dark of night they meet once more and before their meeting can occur they are intercepted by a crazed prophet who spouts predictions that they may play a part in the unavoidable end of days before setting upon them a group of equally crazed peasants.

After a brief flight to escape the peasants, the group once again meets with their sires. A meeting to begin on a sour note after their Sires discover them to have been followed by a lackey of the local prince’s court named Roland.

With the spying vampire sniffed out and the young cainites scolded they are taken to a secret meeting place where they are tasked with the repayment of a boon owed by their sires. The group set to travel to Tihuta Pass in the Carpathians and to secure and build a small fort to guard the pass before winter arrives once more.

The group was also offered an advancement of money and supplies with which to start the endeavor, but the young cainites declined it in favor of proving themselves and hopefully earn greater rewards and possibly a princedom within the lands of Romania.

And then after a brief discussion and a stay at a local house over they day, the group sets to depart for the Tihuta Pass and their future.

Dark Tides Rising Act I

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