Transylvania Chronicles

Nordskops Farewell to a friend.


When Nordskop was traveling with his coterie Ulfe was left in charge of the Intent of Malice and her crew (and raiding) while he was gone. Ulfe would try and get Nordskop to at least take a couple of the crew with him, to which Nordskop always replied " I go to travel with two devout Christian warriors, one of which is pious to the extreme, they would merely stir up trouble with Tabious and Samael, besides they are capable warriors and can handle anything I would need crew members for, also I am no slouch with a sword, all will be fine you worry to much my friend."

The last time Nordskop left the ship he left a letter with Ulfe, and the instructions not to open it unless he didn’t return with in 3 month. In it was his last will and testament.

He left the Intent of Malice and crew to Ulfe along with any personal wealth he had amassed. His library was to be made accessible to Kay and the coterie. The Tablets, he and Dante absconded with from the Templars, would be returned to the coterie with any findings he had made over the last few hundred years about them. The Intent of Malice and her crew would always be available to his coterie should they need it for travel. The last thing in the letter was a request that Ulfe travel in his stead with his coterie, lending them any assistance that he may be it his fighting prowess or his wisdom.

After Nordskop didn’t return to the ship with in the allotted time Ulfe opened the letter. Besides the last will and testament there was a message for Ulfe and the one for the crew.

“My dearest and closest friend, if you are reading this then my sire has finally succeeded in his ultimate goal, getting rid of one of his embarrassments in this world. I want to thank you for the protection, camaraderie, friendship, and wise council all these years. I have grown weary of the chase and the pain and suffering I have caused one of my greatest and most trusted friends. I have decided that I will no longer run from the wolves that have hounded us these past centuries. If they catch up with me then so be it, I will give as good as I can and they will feel my blade with my last breath. I will face down the enemy as a warrior and make you proud to have followed me all these years. I ask that you not pursue the wolves, you have suffered enough injuries and pain on my behalf from them (I know, this is probably the one request you won’t comply with). Know that I am finally free to move on to what awaits me in the afterlife be it Valhalla or Hel. Stay well and let my coterie know that I may not have agreed with them in beliefs or with some of the actions taken but they were always apart of my heart.”



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